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eldavojohn writes: "Well, you could probably write this off as a slashvertisement but I am impressed with the 64-way chip's development tools made by Tilera. I'm sure the hardware is just as impressive but what really blows me away is the multi-core development environment (MDE) they provide for it. They are simulating a tile processor for development purposes of massively parallel chips that are soon to come. From the blurb: "The Tilera MDE includes an Eclipse-based IDE, along with a runtime environment based on an SMP Linux 2.6 kernel. The included toolchain supports C++ development via an Edison Design Group (EDG) compiler front end and SGI's Pro64 compiler, which is in turn based on MIPSpro. The compiler provides GNU extensions, as well as features including automatic function in-lining, software pipelining, and SIMD (single instruction, multiple data, similar to Intel's MMX and sequels) intrinsics for enabling fine-grain parallelism, says the company." Looks pretty impressive and possibly a good way to learn how to write code for (at least a simulated) 64 core/processor chip."
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Tilera Releases 64-Way Chip Dev Tools

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