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Submission + - Robocop of sorts patrols Atlanta Streets (

Josh Fink writes: "It seems that Rufus Terrill of Atlanta was rather sick of people bringing his neighborhood down. This local engineer created his own mobile robot that is complete with infrared camera, loudspeaker and even shoots icy water upto 20 feet to attack the local low-life. Fromt he article: "Terrill is chasing out unsavory-looking characters from a street corner that resembles a drug dealer's dream at night. More than 20 suspicious people were seen huddling in the dark in the front driveway and side parking lot on this night. Some were seen openly making drug deals....Terrill, an engineer by trade, is also a board member at the day care center. Tired of cleaning up after the shady characters, he decided to take action. That's when he built his downtown Darth Vader of sorts." A wonderful invention. I would like to know when we will see this running around every city shooting people with icy cold water."
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Robocop of sorts patrols Atlanta Streets

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