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Submission + - Effects of Fibre Outage through Mediterranean (

Umar Kalim writes: "Analysts study the effects of the fibre outage through the Mediterranean in terms of network performance by examining the changes in packet losses, latencies and throughput.

"On January 31st, 2008, the NY Times, BBC, The Guardian, CNN and many others reported undersea cable cuts in the Mediterranean. One was damaged near Alexandria, Egypt, and another in the waters off Marseille, France. The two cables were damaged within hours of each other on Wednesday morning of January 30th 2008. Operators believe the damage was caused by ship's anchors during a heavy storm at sea. One of the cables, Sea Me We 4, is owned by 16 telecommunications companies along its route. The second cable, known as the Flag (for Fiber-optic Link Around the Globe) System, runs from Britain to Japan. The outages mainly affected the Middle East and Asia. Most disrupted communications were quickly rerouted through the remaining SEAMEW3 cable or fibres taking the other way around the globe.
We decided to look at the impact on Internet connectivity as seen by the PingER project measurements.""

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Effects of Fibre Outage through Mediterranean

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