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Wireless Networking

Submission + - BBC rules that Wi-Fi radiation findings were wrong 1

Stony Stevenson writes: A Panorama programme claiming that Wi-Fi creates three times as much radiation as mobile phone masts was "misleading", an official BBC complaints ruling has found. The team involved in the research came under fire from the school where the "investigations" were held for scaremongering, but now the BBC has come out with an official ruling.

"The programme included only one contributor (Professor Repacholi) who disagreed with Sir William, compared with three scientists and a number of other speakers (one of whom was introduced as a former cancer specialist) who seconded his concerns," the ruling said. "This gave a misleading impression of the state of scientific opinion on the issue." Stewart claimed in the programme to have found evidence that low-level radiation from devices such as mobile phones and Wi-Fi could damage health, and called for a review. The claims prompted a council body in north London to call for Wi-Fi use to be suspended in schools until an investigation had been carried out.
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BBC rules that Wi-Fi radiation findings were wrong

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