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Submission + - Asus' Linux-based Eee PC 701 reviewed 3

Bongo Bob writes: has a review up of the Asus Eee PC 701 that runs Linux and according to the reviewer "It's hard to fault the Eee PC, mainly because of its price. It can be difficult to use because of the cramped keyboard, but it's better than similar-sized laptops like the Toshiba Libretto. If you're in the market for a second PC, or looking for something you can take with you almost anywhere, the Eee PC is definitely worth buying."
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Asus' Linux-based Eee PC 701 reviewed

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  • .. not as long a battery life as other Linux-based miniature computers (e.g. the Nokia tablets), but a reasonable-sized keyboard and the solid-state drive alone are probably worth the purchase price.

    Anyone knows if the drive is user-replaceable?
    • by kybur ( 1002682 )
      No hard drive. It has built-in flash storage.
      • by salimma ( 115327 )
        I know it's flash, but the review mentioned 'solid-state drive', which is Flash with a standard SATA interface (rather than SD, MMC or CF). Either the review is mistaken or this is the cheapest laptop with SSD you can get (and if you are willing to sacrifice battery life, there's the possibility of substituting a much larger standard drive)

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