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Submission + - LegoTechno - Making Music with Lego Bricks, Python, OpenCV and a Groovebox (youtube.com)

bauhausinteraction writes: A team from the Bauhaus-University and Native Instruments Developers built and programmed a fully functional interactive Lego Sequencer / Tangible Groove Machine that sends control data to the Maschine drum sequencer to make music. The thing was built within 24 hours as an inofficial weekend collaboration between bauhausinteraction and NI at the MidiHack 2014 in Stockholm.

Here is a quick writeup + video:

A standard webcam is mounted underneath the baseplate. The image is processed by a Python Script using the OpenCV Library to track the bricks. The tricky bit was to not track the users hand but we succeded at that as well. The information about brick color, position, orientation derived from the image is then converted into OpenSoundControl (OSC) messages which are sent over a network connection to a computer running Native Instruments Maschine to play back the sounds.Of course this would work with other sound generators as well, since the whole thing simply spits out OSC-Messages and MIDI — but hey: if the guys from Native are there youbetter use their Maschine stuff.

Being real Masterbuilders, of course we used only unmodified, standard Lego Parts and no Kragle* for the construction.
*(see the Lego Movie for reference ;-)

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LegoTechno - Making Music with Lego Bricks, Python, OpenCV and a Groovebox

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