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Submission + - Fusion power by 2020? Researchers say yes and turn to crowdfunding. 1

Luminary Crush writes: To date, the bulk of fusion research has been channelled towards a plasma containment and stabilization method. This is the approach used by ITER's tokamak reactor, the cost of which could exceed US$13.7 billion before it's online in the year 2027 (barring further delays). Researchers at LPP Fusion, in a project partially financed by NASA-JPL, are working in a different direction: focus fusion, which focuses the plasma in a very small area to produce fusion and an ion beam which could then be harnessed to produce electricity. It small enough to fit in a shipping container, can double as a rocket engine, and would cost US$50 million to produce the working 5 MW prototype. To reach the next hurdle and demonstrate feasibility, LPP Fusion has started an Indiegogo campaign to raise $200K.
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Fusion power by 2020? Researchers say yes and turn to crowdfunding.

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  • The fundraising pitch they deliver makes me frown a bit. They claim "Our success doesn't depend on...coming up with new [laws of science]. We're just applying known scientific principles in new ways to advance fusion technology." However, the independent review of their research that they (thankfully) made public indicates the opposite.

    As the independent review states:
    1) The quantum effect upon magnetic fields as expected/hoped for in this vein of research was "postulated...but has not been verified in

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