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SugarManner writes: Google Glass is in for a fight even before they hit the market. The Taiwanese company Chipsip has just released plans for a competing product that beats Google Glass on all specifications. (Seen on the Swedish Elektronik Tidningen — warning: written in Swedish)
Nine sensors on the Taiwanese product “Smart Glass” can detect speed, altitude, temperature, light and position. It has built-in GPS, Bluetooth 4.0 and a microphone. The processor is based on Rock Chips Cortex A9 system RK3168 running at 1.5 GHz.
While Google Glass supports 802.11g communication, Chipsip Smart Glass supports 802.11n. The camera and screen resolution also top Google Glass by a notch, and with stereo sound on the Smart Glass compared to Google’s mono sound, it seems that the Taiwanese company has hit all the right spots to make Google goggle.

Or not. Google Glass is still in Beta, so specs on the final product may change.

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ChipSiP Smart Glass specs better than Google Glass?

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  • From viewing the diagram in the link, it appears that the ChipSiP is larger in both volume and mass. I'm not 100% sure that those specs should be considered "better." I could build a frame to attach a laptop to the side of my head and blow away the ChipSiP specs out of the water but nobody would want to actually wear it.

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