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Submission + - Japanese CCTV System Identifies Criminals by the Way they Walk ( 1

DavidGilbert99 writes: A new system for identifying criminals will use gait recognition as a way of identifying individual criminals in a crowd of up to 1,000 people with 99% accuracy by measuring how they walk, together with other physical characteristics. The system will look at a person's walking style including hand movements and stride — collectively known as gait recognition — and once it has been identified, the system can see whether the footage from other CCTV cameras offers up a match.
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Japanese CCTV System Identifies Criminals by the Way they Walk

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  • Reading the link, it appears that they're not identifying criminals qua criminals—this isn't a Minority Report method, which the blurb suggested.

    It seems they're identifying individuals by their gait, so that they can extract that info from CCTV recordings of crimes, and looking for that person elsewhere. The gait info appears to be easier to extract from fuzzy videos than, say, faces.

    Unfortunately, they throw around a “99% accuracy” statistic without giving enough info for it to be m

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