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Submission + - Record wind power levels trigger energy price fall across Europe ( 1

Forty Two Tenfold writes: Electricity prices across Europe dropped last month as mild temperatures, strong winds and stormy weather produced wind power records in Germany, France and the UK, according to data released by Platts.

The price decline was more marked in Germany, where the average day-ahead baseload price in December fell 10% month over month to €35.71/MWh. On a daily basis, December was a month of extremes for Germany, with day-ahead base prices closing on December 10 and 11 at less than €60/MWh – the highest over-the-counter levels seen all year – only to fall to its lowest level December 24 to €0.50/MWh.

Let's talk about climate change weather and how it makes renewables more and more viable.

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Record wind power levels trigger energy price fall across Europe

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  • I can the energy corporations hating this... unless they can just keep charging their usual exploitative prices and pocketing the profit. Fossil fuels are heavily subsidised by tax payers, to the tune of Billions each year, and so distort energy markets. Fossil fuels are also transported on publicly funded infrastructure - road and rail - at great expense and danger to the public, and then we have to take into consideration the clean up costs of the frequent explosions, fires, ruptures, crashes, etc. that t

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