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Submission + - Someone Bought a Tesla Model S with Bitcoin (motorauthority.com)

cartechboy writes: Bitcoin, the electronic cryptocurrency — wherein computers execute mathematical operations to find the coins through a distributed, decentralized network — is gaining acceptance quickly. Businesses are starting to accept Bitcoins for normal everyday purchases. But then someone goes an uses an electronic currency to purchase an electric car — purchasing a Tesla Model S with Bitcoin. The car, sold for an undisclosed sum of Bitcoin by a car dealer in Costa Mesa, California, appears to have been a lightly used model (if only because it wasn't sold directly by Tesla Motors). The dealer announced the purchase on its blog and is fully prepared to "accept Bitcoin as legal tender for vehicles." Given the current Bitcoin-U.S. dollar exchange rate is about $1,013 per Bitcoin, a new Tesla Model S would cost about 70-100 Bitcoins.
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Someone Bought a Tesla Model S with Bitcoin

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