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Submission + - Golf Channel Testing Out New Octo-copter Drone to Film Golfers This Weekend ( 3

An anonymous reader writes: In a what seems like a surreal mixture of life imitating art, the Golf Channel has taken the wraps of a new camera drone. The hover camera appears to have 8 independent rotors supporting what looks like a gyro stabilized HD camera. Though it is far from silent, the new drone will be on the course this week at the PGA Tour event taking place at Arnold Palmer Invitational at Bay Hill in Florida. No word on whether or not Lord Vader will be using these to monitor rebel activity on Hoth.
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Golf Channel Testing Out New Octo-copter Drone to Film Golfers This Weekend

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  • Once again a public disclosure on using drones (that are really only FPV craft not real drones) for commercial purpose and once again this is a big NO..NO. So far the FAA has been grounding others, as reported here on slashdot. I expect the same cease and desist will be issued here as well.

    The problem as I see it is that the FAA only hears about the safe use of FPV and Drone craft and has to shut them down simply because it encourages the darker side of unsafe use of FPV and Drones by yahoos. You know the o

    • by TechNit ( 448230 )

      You are correct. The FAA has imposed some very restrictive rules about lofting a camera on a drone. It could be that the Golf Channel has hired a licensed helicopter pilot to fly their drone. If so then they are within the rules and regulations.

      This mess sux! I'm a real estate photographer and the new rules have shut down one of our hottest marketing tools.....

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