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Submission + - New Calls Surface for Australia to Implement a Three Strikes Law (

Dangerous_Minds writes: In the midst of a debate that pits media corporations against the Australian government over what new regulations should be in place for the media, Foxtel CEO Richard Freudenstein has called for Australia to be the next country to implement a three strikes law. He says the law should be similar to that of the US, France and New Zealand variations. Freezenet points out that all three countries have had numerous problems since their respective implementations. Examples of these problems include introducing new security risks, failing to slow falling music sales and costing hundreds of thousands of dollars with a mere fraction of that money returning from fines. Since a three strikes law is a marked departure from the debate surrounding what rules journalists should abide by in the wake of the phone hacking scandal in the UK, it''s unclear whether or not this latest call will get any traction.
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New Calls Surface for Australia to Implement a Three Strikes Law

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