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InfoJunkie777 writes: Recently here on Slashdot there has been much discussion (and panning) of the the new Chromebook Pixel, priced at a mere $1,300. I found this article written last week in ExremeTech, entitled "How Google could have given the Chromebook Pixel a fighting chance".

It lists the authors suggestions as to how Google should have done it to ensure great success. Some of these are : Go with a lesser screen for affordability (also using 16:9 ration instead of a "retro" 3:2"; including touchscreen; suggestion emulation program for Android apps; and a Adobe Photoshop Elements-like exclusive app.

Finally, the author suggests that if Google was willing to eat some costs for marketshare on the Google Nexus Tablets and Phone, surely they could eat some on this, or, at least, have a middle offering instead of going from $250 to $1,300!

Your thoughts, Slashdotters?

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ExtremeTech Suggest what Google SHOULD have done on Chromebook Pixel

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  • I have a Samsung made, Series 5 550 Google Chromebook that runs $450 or $550 depending on whether of not one wants 3G networking. Actually, I just checked Amazon, stock must be low due to popularity and current prices are $550 & $650 respectively.

    There is also a Series 5 Chromebook (not 550) for $350 or $450 depending on 3G.

    There are also others puting out Chromebooks in other price-ranges such as HP & Lenovo.

    Maybe the author should have checked to see what is out there before making this stateme

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