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Submission + - US Activists Oppose US Govt Support For EU Privacy Rules ( 2

judgecorp writes: "The European Commission has proposals for data privacy (including the "right to be forgotten") and the US government is opposing them. Now US activists have arrived in Brussels to lobby against their government's support for the European measures. The move comes following reports of "extreme" lobbying by US authorities against the European proposals."
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US Activists Oppose US Govt Support For EU Privacy Rules

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  • The activists support the European measures. The US government(big corp, MPAA, special interests, etc) does not.

    • Yep. TFS should really say "to lobby against their government's opposition to the European measures".
      The way it's written it looks like the opposite, which makes the whole thing look confused and confusing. Let's hope an editor actually does an editor's job on this one. A forlorn hope, to be sure, but what else is there?

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