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An anonymous reader writes: US Senate candidate from Oregon, Daniel Hollingsworth, is running with the promise of delivering direct, digital democracy. He plans to use his website, to validate users and take their vote on Senate bills. Based on the popular vote of users, he then casts his in the Senate. Is this a path to save our democracy from Super PACs, corporations, lobbyists, and wealthy donors?
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Senate Candidate Promises Digital Democracy

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  • This is an interesting idea, but somehow seems like a cop-out. If the guy is just going to vote the way people tell him to, it's easy to make a case for not taking a position on an issue.

    OTOH, the potential for moving closer to true democracy in the US is intriguing. I would love to see this guy get elected, if only so we can see how it works out.

  • Right after Pearl Harbor, during the cold war or after 911 what would the scared mob have voted to allow to suspected adversaries or curbs on constitutional rights? The Patriot act is bad enough. It could have been a lot worse.

    After a disaster the mob may have told New Orleans or San Francisco, 'You're on your own. You chose to live in an area that's prone to mother nature's wrath.'

  • A number of Pirate Parties around the world are experimenting with tools like LiquidFeedback [] (Wikipedia link []). First of all, they use it internally to shape their party program, policies,... But in countries with elected representatives like Germany, they are also looking into using these tools to let the people have a voice in the point of view their representatives defend. Some interesting articles on the subject: How the German Pirate Party's "Liquid Democracy" Works [] & How Germany’s Pirate Part []

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