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Submission + - Vermont cops replace clunky records management system with open-source solution ( 1

McGruber writes: Alternative weekly newspaper, Seven Days, Vermont's Independent Voice [], has a fascinating article about Valcour, the Burlington, Vermont Police Department's open-source integrated dispatch and records management system [].

Prior to Valcour's going live on October 1, 2011, Burlington polce were spending more than a third of their time on paperwork and data entry — writing reports on crime when they could be out fighting it. The department’s former records management system, called New World, made analyzing crime stats and patterns extremely difficult and time-consuming. According to the article:

Deputy Chief Jennifer Morrison helped design and implement Valcour. She cops to having 'zero' experience designing software, but says the genius of Valcour is its simplicity. At any given time, an officer or dispatcher can log into the system and see a dashboard showing everything that’s happening in the city — and neighboring jurisdictions — including every officer on duty, every call for service, who’s involved and what’s occurring. "

The article also describes how much money the police department is saving by having replaced the proprietary software it used to use — the savings can buy a lot of donuts.

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Vermont cops replace clunky records management system with open-source solution

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