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Submission + - Ask Slashdot: How can I protect my Android devices from hackers?

SternisheFan writes: ". My android phone (an unrooted OptimusV running 2.2.2) and my android tablet (Arnova 7g3 running 4.1) have been subjected to hacking via either 'forced bluetooth attack' and through the Wi-Fi signals in the home where I currently rent a room. I got an android phone at the start of this year after my 'feature phone' was force bluetooth hacked hoping for better security, yet I still have major security issues. For instance, my Optimus's Wi-fi again shows an error, although I am sure that a hack is causing this since when I reset the device when it's out of range from this home's signal the Wi-fi works fine. And now the tablet recently can't access this home's open Wi-fi, though it works fine when at other outside 'hot-spots'.
    So, my question is: Are there any good (free?) security apps out there that would actually prevent this from ocurring? This has been a real issue for so long now, and it's not like I'm doing nefarious things on the internet, I just want to keep it private. I would greatly appreciate any help from the Slashdot community, thanks. "SternisheFan""
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Ask Slashdot: How can I protect my Android devices from hackers?

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