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Sparrowvsrevolution writes: Wired has published an excerpt of the new WikiLeaks-related book "This Machine Kills Secrets," which delves into the launch of the WikiLeaks spinoff OpenLeaks at the Chaos Communication Camp in Berlin last year. The detailed account of the site's debut, with German ex-WikiLeaker Daniel Domscheit-Berg at the helm, reveals that even before the dispute between WikiLeaks and OpenLeaks led to the controversial destruction of the decryption keys for 3,000 of WikiLeaks encrypted leaks taken by Domscheit-Berg, OpenLeaks was already facing significant problems: Rumors that the group had been infiltrated by the German government, a lack of code open for public auditing and even a failure to get the site online in time for the penetration test it had invited the CCC hackers to perform. The book passage gives a peek into the infighting, bad luck, disorganization and personality problems that has left the world without a real sequel to WikiLeaks despite the dozens of leak-focused sites that have launched in the last two years.
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Why WikiLeaks' Spinoff OpenLeaks Failed

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  • Wikileaks is not an average site. It is very different from garden variety "grandmother's blog" style of websites that are dime a dozen everywhere.

    Running Wikileaks is a very demanding, - and history proved it, a dangerous job. No government entity likes to have their dirty secrets revealed to the world, and the person(s) who run Wikileaks have to have a gut of steel to stand up to the unimaginable pressures from all sides.

    Those Germans saw how Mr. Julian Assange operated Wikileaks and naively assumed it wa

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