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Submission + - Africa Is The New China, Says Anders Borg 2

jones_supa writes: Sometimes perceived as the insightful finance minister of Sweden, Anders Borg predicts good times for Africa (English translation). We can already see how seven of the ten fastest growing economies are in Africa and, the IMF forecasts that sub-Saharan Africa will have a GDP growth of 5.5 percent this year. Zambia and Uganda had 6 per cent GDP growth last year. 'Africa is the new China. Within ten years, Africa will have more inhabitants than China about 1.5 billion people and many are young, under 25. These countries have an enormous potential,' says Borg. He suggests that Europe should work with Africa just as they have been working with China and other Asian countries.
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Africa Is The New China, Says Anders Borg

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  • ... if you go to Africa - and not many /.ers go there, I reckon, - if you do go to Africa, you'd notice that the Indians (from India) and the Chinese (from China) are already there, in a big way !!

    Case in point : The airplane that just crashed in Nigeria - it's operated by an Indian airline !!

  • The better their economy, the more that Anders will be able to assimilate.

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