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Submission + - Best option for printing digital photos

rrossman2 writes: With the birth of our son (who is now just over 2), we have snapped and accumulated a ton of pictures. The issue is, the wife uploads most of them to Facebook. I have them on panoramio, picasa, Facebook, etc.

My question for the slash dot croud is what is the best option for bulk printing the photos to a physical format? We all know with how fast technology advances, as well as sites come and go, I want a way to have these pictures for my son when he is older... just like my grand father has photos of his self from world war II, my parents have photos of me when I was little etc.

Are there any affordable services that you can upload the photos to that print and deliver long lasting pictures? How well do today's photo ink jets last and what's the best type of paper?

I do have a cheaper Samsung color laser printer, but color lasers don't make the most color rich prints, and using normal photo paper you can find in big box stores doesn't work out too well as the laser toner seems to peel off on the rollers and gum things up... is there a good long lasting paper that seems to work well with laser printers?

I can see what's going to happen in the future.. all of the digital photos people take now are going either end up on a website that won't be around in 20+ years or get stuck on disks (hard drives, CDs etc) or flash memory that won't last or become dated where interfacing with the media will become difficult or impossible. (An example is I have some old 100MB hard drives that still work, as well as floppies from my C64, but newer drives seem to crap out more often or in ways you can recover at home... and IDE ports are thinning down and may eventually go the way of ST506, ESDI or other older interface connections)

Any help/insight any of you have used that have worked out well would be fantastic. I guess this is the danger of going all digital vs old film cameras where the prints lasted for an extremely long time as well as ghe negatives.
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Best option for printing digital photos

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