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Submission + - Microsoft, Apple being asked to explain higher music & game prices in Austra (

suraj.sun writes: The Ahe is reporting on, Microsoft and Apple being asked to defend their pricing policies at a federal parliamentary inquiry into why Australians pay far more for music and game downloads than overseas customers. Labor MPs hope publicity generated by challenging the companies will result in lower prices and put an end to local consumers being ''fleeced''. The Minister for Communications, Stephen Conroy, has signed off on the inquiry, which will begin later this year, will also consider the pricing of software and other IT-related material.

The excuses overseas technology companies use to justify the higher prices, such as the small size of the Australian market, the cost of setting up support centres here and the imposition of local taxes and duties, were not acceptable to local customers, spokeswoman Ingrid Just said. The debate over pricing surfaced again last week when global software giant Adobe revealed Australians would pay up to $1400 more than US residents for the latest version of its Creative Suite software.

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Microsoft, Apple being asked to explain higher music & game prices in Austra

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