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Submission + - Software Patents Not So Abstract When The Lawsuits Hit Home ( 1

no_such_user writes: "It's easy to ignore the controversy surrounding software patents, especially if you don't have the passion for technology which Slashdot readers do. But as Dana Nieder discovered, it's not all about major corporations and obscure patent trolls. Her daughter uses an comparatively inexpensive assistive communication app on their iPad which is being threatened by the makers of a multi-thousand dollar hardware device. These are the lawsuits which expose the non-IT crowd to an issue we see all too frequently here on Slashdot.

Side note: While we're rooting for the indie developer, who's side would we be on if the $300 app they're selling were suddenly challenged by a $3 clone?"

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Software Patents Not So Abstract When The Lawsuits Hit Home

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  • Just leave the US market and the markets of AU and Japan and other software-patent countries. That's it, just leave. The market is big enough elsewhere to make yourselves rich by selling your product.

    Once innovative, U.S. owned software start-ups are seen as leaving the US, the media will have its story.

    Once the media has it's story, it will be written once and for all in the minds of the public as it really is- software patents kill innovation.

    Once the public understands the issues as they really a

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