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itwbennett writes: "Server naming is well-trod ground on Slashdot. But as new generations enter the workforce, they're relearning the fundamentals of what makes a good scheme. Can servers named after characters from The Simpsons or The Howard Stern show stand the test of time? If you name your servers after the Seven Dwarfs, can you have any doubt that Grumpy will cause you trouble? Striking a balance between fun and functional is harder than it seems."
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Server Names For a New Generation

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  • I worked with a group that insisted on naming printers and servers with a rigid scheme to identify:
    • city
    • building
    • floor
    • wing
    • room

    Said it was dumb. Six months later when we moved across the lake to downtown Seattle, with all of the named equipment, they agreed.

    Use creative names, and it doesn't hurt if they're a little fun. Contrary to popular belief, the names catch on, become easy to remember and everyone knows which host/printer/machine you're talking about.

  • Make them short.

    Sure, it'll be fun to type in "Emperor_Galacticus_Supreme" the first few times, but then you'll be wishing you'd named the fucking thing "fred" The end game for this is to just name each one a single letter. a, b, c, d, etc.

    If you'd rather have a little more fun, celestial bodies never go out of style. sun, moon, luna, mars, xena, ceres, io, jupiter, etc.

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