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Submission + - Can NASA Warm Cold Fusion

TomOfAmalfi writes: Andrea Rossi says he can provide domestic energy sources (about 10 kW) based on his E-Cat system (a Low Energy Nuclear Reaction or Cold Fusion energy source) for between 100 and 150 US$/kW and begin shipping this year. http://www.e-catworld.com/2012/01/rossi-plans-for-small-10-kw-e-cats-to-cost-100-150/ Many people are skeptical about Rossi's claims because he has not explained how his “reactors” work (apparently the reactors contain ingenious security devices to prevent reverse engineering), there is no theoretical bases to support his process, and no one has supplied independent measurements to support the specs on his black boxes. However, buried at the bottom of a NASA web page http://www.grc.nasa.gov/WWW/sensors/PhySen/research.htm there is a comment about progress in “cold fusion” research and a link to the slides used in a September 2011 presentation http://www.grc.nasa.gov/WWW/sensors/PhySen/docs/LENR_at_GRC_2011.pdf which talks about LENR research. NASA has also released a video http://technologygateway.nasa.gov/media/CC/lenr/lenr.html the great benefits we will get from NASA LENR research. Could Rossi be on to something?
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Can NASA Warm Cold Fusion

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