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Submission + - Best software for putting lectures online? 1

An anonymous reader writes: I'm trying to help a school put their classes online in the most minimally invasive way as possible to the teachers. A few environmental considerations:
They don't always have live internet in the classroom, or I'd just run to Skype.
I'm hoping to make it as much one touch start/stop as possible to start recording, stop recording, and upload to a server. I'd like to believe others here have already done something similar, so if a package or process worked for you that would be great to hear.
Not sure what if it's all ppt lectures or if they actually use a whiteboard, and if so what the best camera would be to use (on a school budget!)..
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Best software for putting lectures online?

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  • There are many webcams that will work.
    Start with one for $100 or less from the likes
    of Logitech (check their QuickCam Pro 9000).

    Microphones are important... schools have them
    in the AV department for use at assemblies... The
    RF pocket packs with a lapel microphone are good.

    Next it gets interesting. You need a camera operator
    a sound guy and multiple cameras (inputs) and
    a way to sync and edit the mess. Cameras need
    tripods. Cameras do not auto track teachers that
    walk and pace. Cameras do not auto "snap"

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