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Submission + - Large-scale DIY outdoor cooling of Tahrir Square? 1

ClimateHacker writes: The struggle for freedom is still ongoing in Egypt and one of the many challenges that face the demonstrators in Tahrir Square is the sweltering heat. Skies are mostly clear and temperatures can reach up to 44 degrees Celsius (111 F) with hardly any shade. The risk of life-threatening Heat Stroke is quite real. I ask clever slashdotters out there for novel DIY passive and active ambient cooling techniques. Perhaps some ideas could be a model for saving energy on cooling elsewhere. Link to the map of Tahrir Sq. on Google Maps can be found here and Cairo's Accuweather's link is here
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Large-scale DIY outdoor cooling of Tahrir Square?

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  • by dch24 ( 904899 )
    I realize water is scarce around Tahrir Square but it is the method used around the globe for cooling in such temperatures. Shade and proper clothing are vital as well.

    Cooling methods based on electricity and air movement, whether fans or air conditioning, are largely ineffective outdoors.

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