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Submission + - Researchers Develop Super Batteries From Aerogel ( 1

greenerd writes: "Researchers from the University of Central Florida may have found the most efficient (and most bizarre) battery material yet – ‘frozen smoke’, also known as Aerogel. One of the world’s lightest solids, aerogel contains multi-walled carbon nanotubes (MWCNT) which each one several thousands thinner than human hair. The researchers, Associate Professor Lei Zhai and Postdoctoral Associate Jianhua Zou, believe that this material could soon become the best energy storage material for capacitors and batteries."
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Researchers Develop Super Batteries From Aerogel

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  • should be major improvement in some many areas as I know the the same tech is used for the aerogel capacitors. Size wise they are much smaller than electrolytics, have very low leakage unlike some caps, fast charge/discharge etc. Obviously they wont be replacing many batteries just as there is still a place for other types of caps but for some applications they will be perfect and much improved. Obviously the cost will be another factor but at least they have decent life and in hi temperature electronics i

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