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Submission + - Send Kinect Gesture Recognition Data Over Infrared (

An anonymous reader writes: This is a game changer folks. Mark my words. Being able to send gestural data captured from your kinect to another device via your computer of IR is incredible. You can send gesture recognition data to any piece of hardware that uses IR signals such as your Television, Receiver, Cable Box or X10 extenders. Anything that reads IR signals can now be controlled by simply using gestures to control the devices. Absolutely amazing.

The developer wrote custom code that works with his Kinect sensor plugged into his Mac Mini. The code is integrated with OpenNI which detects the users skeleton and has specific gestures pre-programmed to control his TV in order to turn it off and on along with changing the volume on his digital receiver. Other gestures include the ability to change to the next and previous channel.

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Send Kinect Gesture Recognition Data Over Infrared

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