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Submission + - Robots May Lead to Lawsuits against Programmers (asimovs.com) 1

cpu6502 writes: Robert Silverberg wrote a recent editorial about the dangers of robots & legal consequences for their programmers and engineers.: "Consider malicious kids hacking into a house that uses a robot cleaning system and reprogramming the robot to smash dishes and break furniture. If the hackers are caught and sued, but turn out not to have any assets, isn’t it likely that the lawyers will go after the programmer who designed it or the manufacturer who built it? In our society, the liability concept is upwardly mobile, searching always for the deepest pocket."
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Robots May Lead to Lawsuits against Programmers

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  • that the robots would use wireless functionality when the massive insecurity of it is considered - after all, extending on the author's idea, what if someone writes a program that causes a robot to attack all humans it comes into contact with, then set up a broadcast tower in a car that hacks and uploads on the move.

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