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Submission + - PS3 Jailbreaks Galore Released 1

YokimaSun writes: Following up on yesterdays story about the PS3 being hacked by one of its own Official Controllers, theres now a guide in English that details how to Mod a Sixaxxis Controller, but thanks to the very latest releases, if you dont like soldering you can now use an Ipod, a Pandora Console or even a Dingoo Console. Finally Jaicrab has released a USB Firmware Loader which will come in handy once the first Custom Firmware for the PS3 is released. Maybe then we will get region free Blueray, PS1 and PS2 Games.
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PS3 Jailbreaks Galore Released

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  • Maybe then we will get region free Blueray, PS1 and PS2 Games.

    There are only three Blu-Ray regions.

    A1, for example, is the Americas, and their dependencies, Japan, East Asia (except the People's Republic of China and Mongolia), and Southeast Asia.

    PS1 and PS2 support was always wholly or partially dependent on some very specialized custom hardware.

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