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Submission + - Smart Japanese vending machines read age, sex (

JoshuaInNippon writes: Not sure what you're thirty for? New vending machines in Shinagawa Station in Tokyo, Japan will tell you based on your age and gender. The machines, controlled by a centralized server, come equipped with sensors that recognize basic costumer information, and then provide recommendations along side the list of available drinks. A massive 47-inch touch panel display is used in place of the typical button system, allowing for an automatic digital advertising mode when no people are directly in front of the machine. (Hey look, the vending machine has eyes and is saying it is thirsty, I'm thirsty now too!) Customers can pay with either cash, or via a number of automatic credit systems used in Japan, such as JR East's SUICA. The company that produced the machines, JR East Water Business Co., has put two into use as of August 10th, and hopes to have 500 deployed within the next two years.
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Smart Japanese vending machines read age, sex

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