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Submission + - BIOS Will Be Dead In Three Years (thinq.co.uk) 2

Stoobalou writes: MSI says that it's planning a big shift towards UEFI at the end of 2010, possibly spelling the end of the BIOS as we know it.

It's the one major part of the computer that's still reminiscent of the PC's primordial, text-based beginnings, but the familiarly-clunky BIOS could soon be on its deathbed, according to MSI. The motherboard maker says it's now making a big shift towards point and click UEFI systems, and it's all going to kick off at the end of this year.

Speaking to Thinq, a spokesperson for the company in Taiwan who wished to remain anonymous said that "MSI will start to phase in UEFI starting from the end of this year, and we expect it will be widely adopted after three years."

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BIOS Will Be Dead In Three Years

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  • Overview of UEFI [tomshardware.com]

    This was interesting"

    Operating systems started to support the platform interface design by 2007, but most Windows versions, such as Vista with SP1 and Windows Server 2008, only offered support on the 64-bit editions. Unfortunately, we found that industry support for UEFI is still very weak, and there are some shortcomings on the storage end.

    Nothing on Windows 7 that I can see.

    The hardware folks are going to have to offer more support and Microsoft will have to push it into the market for it to be worth while for the hardware guys to offer it.

    • by tepples ( 727027 )

      but most Windows versions, such as Vista with SP1

      Nothing on Windows 7 that I can see.

      Windows 7 is thought to be a fork of Vista with SP2, so if it doesn't have EFI compatibility by now, it will by Windows 7 SP1.

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