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Submission + - Hasselblad cameras from 1957 get 39 Mepapixels (reghardware.co.uk)

G3ckoG33k writes: An article at The Register Hardware describes how Hasselblad film cameras dating back to 1957 can be brought to a new life using a digital "back-end" to get images at a super resolution of 39 Megapixels! The article writes "The CFV-39 digital back allows you to get those cameras out from the last century and use the V-System cameras with their beautiful glass once again, it simply fits in place of where the roll film used to be. Hasselblads have never been inexpensive, but talk about a return on investment. Here is a manufacturer looking after a fiercely loyal user-base and along with it offering what could be seen as the ultimate green camera system." Oh, by the way most pictures taken during the Apollo space program in the 1960s were taken with Hasselblad.
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Hasselblad cameras from 1957 get 39 Mepapixels

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