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Barence writes: A debate that crops up time and again is whether it’s better to have a dedicated keyboard on your smartphone or whether an on-screen keyboard with text correction is adequate. Some phones with screen-based keyboards have started to provide tactile feedback, either using an ultra-quick spin of their vibration alert or, like the BlackBerry Storm2, using clever piezo-electric technology to simulate the feel of a button press. But which system works best? PC Pro's Paul Ockendon gathered six of the most popular handsets around and put them through a timed typing test to see which proved quickest and most typo-free.
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Which smartphone keyboard is the best?

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  • Dude, You just killed the BlackBerry Storm 2!

    A business mobile lives and dies based upon accurate and speedy text entry. If your a sales person, any tendency towards sending short terse emails will cost you clients. You just killed the BlackBerry Store 2 becuase BlackBerry's market is like 100% business people. Casual consumers are quite happy with their iPhones and Androids.

    Yes, you can teather your BlackBerry for sending real emails, which makes it more suitable than an iPhone, but I doubt you'll open

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