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Submission + - 100% Free software compatible PC launches ( 1

crimperman writes: The Open-PC project has announced that it's first PC is now available for 359 Euro. They claim the mini-ITX desktop machine is energy efficient, consumer ready, easy to upgrade and — significantly — uses only hardware which has free software drivers available. As you'd expect it comes with GNU/Linux which is running KDE (a 10 Euro donation to the KDE project in included in the price). Interestingly all the key decisions on design, pricing etc. have been made by the "community" via online polls. The spec of the machine is pretty reasonable for the price : Atom 1.6GHz Dual-Core Processor, 3GB RAM, 160GB HDD, Intel 950 Graphics
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100% Free software compatible PC launches

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  • €360 seems a bit overpriced for an Atom processor, 160GB HD and Intel graphics, doesn't it? Also, does an avarage geek really want a mini-ITX with 250watt power supply for a Desktop, or a 160GB HD for a home media center?

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