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Submission + - Cisco Introduces Rackmount Servers ( 1

1sockchuck writes: "After shaking up the market for blade servers, Cisco Systems is launching a line of rackmount servers. But the company says its ambitions are more targeted than a full-scale "all your racks are belong to us" assault on the volume server market. Cisco says it sees its 1U and 2U C-Series rackmount servers as offering an entry point to its Unified Computing System vision for companies who've built their data centers using rackmount servers instead of blades. But it thinks many customers will like the expanded memory capacity Cisco has built into the Xeon 5500/Nehalem EP processor."
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Cisco Introduces Rackmount Servers

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  • The 1RU model will cost $20,000 and not accept any ethernet packets not from Cisco hardware ...

    OTOH I can probably get a certification and then be fully qualified to tell anyone with a white box that they have no idea what they are doing compared to me.

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