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Palm Gameboy Emulator update & screens 14

FlavorFlav writes "The PalmInfocenter has more information out about the Palm Gameboy emulator project here. The EMU now runs Tetris, with screenshots! A beta release is expected soon. If you want some background info on the palm GB emu project see this article that broke the story. "
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Palm Gameboy Emulator update & screens

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  • I'm sorry to say this, because I love my Palm III, but as a gaming platform, it really sucks. I mean, I like spades and chess and stuff like that, but action games suffer under the quality of the display and the buttons. The display doesn't work well for animation, the LCDs just don't cycle fast enough, so you get trails and blurriness for moving objects. The buttons were designed to not be pressed accidentally when you put this thing in your pocket, so they're not really the best for giving you good tactile feedback that they've been pressed. I mean, pressing it once is great for launching an application, but for fine maneuvering a spaceship that you can't see well on the screen when it moves anyway, is just not a pleasurable experience. I think it's really cool that handhelds are becoming so flexible that you can do anything with them, from personal organizer to web browser, to game machine, but the Palm has some design issues you just can't code around.

    Wince? don't even go there. My Boss showed me his Wince machine, all the cool gadgets, the fact that it's got way more memory, built in modem, PCMCIA card slot, $70 cheaper, etc. the fact is, he never uses it, he couldn't get the handwriting recognition to work reliably. I use my Palm III every day, and it's been about 3 months now, and I still use it every day. So who got the better deal. I don't know if his Wince toy is just harder to use or what, but my Palm III just works, and gets the job done, and has only locked once (on calculator?!).

    "The number of suckers born each minute doubles every 18 months."
  • Yes, but carry around two devices?
    besides, an emulator is mush more geekish. ;)
  • On one of those wince palmtops (About the only M$ Windoze product that deserves the "win" prepended) (not the ones with the full keyboards, but the 3com palm wannabes), where's the CTRL, ALT and DEL keys?

    *Gasp* no Ctrl-Alt-Del? *gasp* It's not windoze without Ctrl-Alt-Del!
  • Wouldn't it be cheaper just to buy a Gameboy? At least you get colour screens...
  • AWESOME! this is great news for palm geeks everywhere! now i can have my palm emulator emulate a gameboy... i wonder how long i can go like that.?!
    now all i need is a palm emulator for the gameboy.

    my emulator is emulating an emulator emulating an emulator...dang. out of memory....
  • shame on you, advocating WinCE on slashdot.

    but seriously, just look at the name. WINCE.
    wince = something i do when in pain = not something i want to have associated w/ my palmtop.

    "ahhh! isn't that cute?! a TIIINY bluescreen of death!!...and in color too!"
  • Ah, to think that there are still guys working in 68K assembly... Envy, envy. ;^)

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