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Snapchat Takes a Second Try at Spectacles ( 43

Snapchat is launching an updated version of Spectacles, its glasses with an embedded camera, and says its first version of the smart glasses sold over 220,000 units. From a report: That first version also caused the company to take a nearly $40 million write-down in the third quarter due to excess inventory. But instead of scrapping its hardware unit, the company is pressing ahead. Snap "listened to our customers and our community and incorporated every part of their feedback," said Mark Randall, Snapchat's vice president of hardware. The new version costs $150 -- $20 more than the prior version. They come in three new colors (onyx, ruby, and sapphire), are water resistant and can take photos and videos in high definition. Plus the content transfers much faster.
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Snapchat Takes a Second Try at Spectacles

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  • I don't quite get who the target audience of those are. All the social media seems to be focused on people posting photos of themselves, not of stuff they are looking at. So a selfie-stick makes sense for that audience. The camera on these glasses however is pointing in the wrong direction. These glasses might have more success if they'd changed the design into something more serious and make it a cheaper consumer focused alternative to a Taser Axon.

    • Yes, that's my question.

      If you're targeting nerds, wouldn't it be better to produce a set of snap on add ons for perscription glasses? Say, a camera, a laser readout, and bluetooth speakers?

      Hmm, somebody's had to have had that idea before. I'm off to research eyeglass bluetooth speakers....

    • by Kenja ( 541830 )
      Revenge porn?
  • by iggymanz ( 596061 ) on Thursday April 26, 2018 @10:26AM (#56506481)

    Go around a large cities public transit system taking videos and pictures of fellow passengers, especially in high crime sudivisions. After you get the shit beat out of you, you will then no longer wonder why wearing glasses such as these will get you punched in the face in many places.

    • Hush! Darwin has the right to be right from time to time.

    • by PPH ( 736903 )

      The glasses are pointless. I can just walk around with my phone, snapping pictures and taking videos of everybody. Nobody questions people fiddling with phones in practically any setting.

    • It's quite telling that the behaviour most resembling an "arsehole" is that of the people who use the term "glasshole" to describe someone who owns something rather than describing their actions.

      Maybe go on youtube one day and see just how many people have photos or videos of strangers online. You'll be amazed to know that the majority of the world does not simply beat the shit out of other people.

      • in plenty of countries you have to blur the faces of strangers in your pictures. You must be unaware of how life is in at least half the world, not like your little safe space between your ears. Those acting outside accepted norm will get beaten or worse.

        • Punching someone for taking your picture sounds like a great way to get into trouble with the law. Also good luck if the person is bigger than you.
          • big doesn't matter, there will be more of "them" than of the picture taker. Again, you try it in New York or Chicago CTA train (I recommend south side red line late at night) and get back to us with how your high moral views are respected by the natives. You'll be lisping a lot with no teeth....

            • Not sure if I should be more disappointed by that fact or that you seem to delight in that scenario...
              • No It's a warning about reality and how some subcultures will act on violation of their privacy which should not be done in any case even where there will be no immediate consequences

        • in plenty of countries you have to blur the faces of strangers in your pictures. You must be unaware of how life is in at least half the world

          Nope, you're just the arsehole who assumes everyone who owns these glasses does so in order to take photos of strangers. Congratulations, you're exactly the type of person I'm talking about.

          And no in nearly all countries you don't need to blur photos of strangers taken in public if not used for commercial reasons.

  • Too bad, though, that they look like something you got at the kiosk in the mall, the checkout counter of 7-11, or a TV infomercial.

    Maybe they can throw in a free Mr. Microphone?

    "Hey, good lookin'! We'll be back to pick you up later! []

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