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Princeton Students Develop Open Source Voice Control Platform For Any Device 34

rjmarvin (3001897) writes "Two Princeton computer science students have created an open source platform for developing voice-controlled applications that are always on. Created by Shubhro Saha and Charlie Marsh, Jasper runs on the Raspberry Pi under Raspbian, using a collection of open source libraries to make up a development platform for building voice-controlled applications. Marsh and Saha demonstrate Jasper's capability to perform Internet searches, update social media, and control music players such as Spotify. You need a few easily obtainable bits of hardware (a USB microphone, wifi dongle or ethernet, and speakers). The whole thing is powered by CMU Sphinx (which /. covered the open sourcing of back in 2000). Jasper provides Python modules (under the MIT license) for recognizing phrases and taking action, or speaking when events occur. There doesn't seem to be anything tying it to the Raspberry Pi either, so you could likely run it on an HTPC for always-on voice control of your media center.

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Princeton Students Develop Open Source Voice Control Platform For Any Device

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  • With a RaspberryPi you don't say? Quick, get a patent on this innovative technology that would be so mundane if it were implemented on a desktop machine running Debian or something.

    • Just don't use a USB mic ... unless you want the RaspberryPi's awesome USB hardware to randomly drop words on you.

      For the life of my I can't understand why people think using the RaspberryPi is a good idea. Its shit hardware, its not the cheapest, at best its one of many in its price range and its a steaming pile of shit hardware wise. For fucks sake, they can make a god damn camera add on but can't make freaking revision of the board that has FUNCTIONAL USB.

    • It could also be marketed as "run a voice-controlled program on your 15 year old PC" or "Like speech recognition? Don't want to send your data to Google? You're in luck! Now with Python-y goodness!" Neither of those are as heavy on buzzwords, though. At the very least, you get an idea of the minimum requirements to use the project.
  • "Format see colon. Why. Enter."
  • Pretty cool.. (Score:3, Insightful)

    by Anonymous Coward on Wednesday April 09, 2014 @12:41PM (#46705757)

    The fun things students come up with!
    My son currently is in an engineering Graduate program in MA. He used to think they could try making cool things and maybe actually build and sell them.
    Unfortunately most, if not all, can't take it beyond the classroom or home made use only. There is a huge list of patent trolls waiting on you if do.
    Start here:

    He found this out the hard way :(

  • _Of course_ 'sudo make me a sandwich' is in the libraries!
  • I find this very interesting. I was looking for an easy way of setting up always-on microphones with speech synthesis for intelligent home use.
    I didn't plan on using a Pi though, but a few of the always-on full blown linux pc I have around.

    Aziz, light!

  • I really like the way that these types of programs are taking us. It's about time that my computer starts listening to me while I'm yelling at it!

    I've been using Blather [] myself, and really enjoy the results.

  • After saying the trigger word, you have to pause .. that's a bit ridiculous and annoying .. I doubt this would catch on .. for it to catch on, it needs to allow you to say a continuous sentence without pausing. The latest chip from has this feature (called VoiceQ). Their chip is for phones, so it should be possible to implement the same technology in software on a desktop CPU.

  • jasper depends on the "CMU-Cambridge Statistical Language Modeling Toolkit V2" which is released under the condition that it will only be used for research purposes. Therefore, their setup can't be used for non-research purposes. I doubt that setting up my own home-automation system counts as research...

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