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How 3D Printer Maker Aleph Objects Pushes the Open Source Envelope 51

Lemeowski (3017099) writes "In a time where there's a 'gold rush' for 3D printing patents, there's one company that's doing everything it can to keep its 3D printers as open as possible. Jeff Moe, CEO of Aleph Objects, said in an interview with that his company's strategy is 'to not patent anything, but to establish prior art as soon as we can. So when we develop things we try to push it out there as soon as possible and hope to establish prior art if there isn't prior art already. That allows us to develop a lot more quickly.' The company makes the Lulzbot 3D printers, and goes to the extreme of publishing every last detail about its printers, Moe said, including syncing its internal file system that it uses to share files on the development of the machine to the public every hour so you can see what they're doing."
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How 3D Printer Maker Aleph Objects Pushes the Open Source Envelope

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  • by serviscope_minor ( 664417 ) on Tuesday March 25, 2014 @12:15PM (#46574693) Journal

    They're pretty stupid to not be filing for patents (since they're rolling in the phat cash and all)

    So apparently the two options are "so poor they can't pay staff" and "rolling in the phat cash".

    Let me introduce you to the radical notion that they might have enough cash to pay staff and grow, but only if they don't waste wads of "the phat cash" at a time on patents.

    Prior art is a piss-poor defense against a real patent onslaught (just ask Samsung).

    So is owning patents. Just because you have a patent on part of your machine, doesn't mean someone else might not also have a patent on another part of it. Even if you own patents, you're right back to having to use prior art or a settlement if you're attacked. The point of amassing patents is so you can counter-sue if you're sued. If you're attacked by (a) a patent troll or (b) someone rich, you're fucked either way.

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