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Sony Selling Off VAIO Computer Business 204

Kensai7 writes "Confirming reports from earlier in the week, Sony has announced plans to sell off its VAIO computer division to a Japanese investment fund. Japan Industrial Partners (JIP) will take control of the operation for an undisclosed fee, and Sony will 'cease planning, design and development of PC products.' For a variety of reasons 'including the drastic changes in the global PC industry,' Sony says 'the optimal solution is to concentrate its mobile product lineup on smartphones and tablets and to transfer its PC business to a new company.'" I have some nostalgia for the tiny old VAIO laptops; I wish more companies incorporated the swiveling camera that they came with.
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Sony Selling Off VAIO Computer Business

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  • Sad news (Score:5, Insightful)

    by Anonymous Coward on Thursday February 06, 2014 @09:46AM (#46172901)

    i am on my 3rd sony vaio product - have been using them for the past decade pretty much. OMG. Sony's vaio design team is awesome!!! Very sad news.

    • Re:Sad news (Score:5, Funny)

      by Koen Lefever ( 2543028 ) on Thursday February 06, 2014 @09:50AM (#46172927)
      Mod -1 ontopic.
      • Re:Sad news (Score:4, Interesting)

        by MMC Monster ( 602931 ) on Thursday February 06, 2014 @11:24AM (#46173917)

        Oddly enough, not one story on slashdot in the last couple days about Beta. So, of course, we discuss it in every other story on the site.

        I tried it again today and if you think the article and comments sections are horrible, you should see the user profile section.

        We cannot see how many replies a comment we had written has received. I find this an important tool to answer questions I have (just look at some of my previous comments) about the topic at hand.

        Why couldn't they have just adjusted the style sheet a bit and let everything else stay the same? If they wanted to open up another site, they could have just done that and left /. alone. The domain name can't be *that* lucrative for them.

    • by denzacar ( 181829 ) on Thursday February 06, 2014 @01:17PM (#46175327) Journal

      That would not have happened had those Dice assholes not try to push Beta on everyone.

      Fuck Beta. It killed vaio.
      Also, those dolphins washing up dead on the beaches? Beta killed them too.

  • So who is left (Score:2, Interesting)

    by nurb432 ( 527695 )

    IBM sold all theirs off, HP/Compaq have merged, and Dell, who knows what is going on with that.

    • HP/Compaq have merged

      Current affairs are not your strong point that was nearly a decade ago!

    • Re: (Score:2, Informative)

      by QuasiSteve ( 2042606 )

      Who is left - based on products actually available in stores in NL (and this is not 100% coverage):
      HP+Compaq (437), Lenovo (270), Asus (260), Acer (191), Toshiba (173), Dell (166), [Sony (68)], Samsung (66), MSI (58), Fujitsu (37), Medion (21), Apple (20), Packard Bell (19), BTO (8). Then there's a few more from Panasonic, Razer, Gigabyte, Wortmann, System76, Google and Alternate. Medion and BTO are local-ish brands, Wortmann seems like a peculiar import out of Germany. ( pricewatch )


      • Holy shit, I thought you were just naming computer companies. There is no way you can get a brand new packard bell.....until i did a quick search. Wow. I learned something today
    • East Asian companies, basically. Acer (Taiwan), Asus (Taiwan), Lenovo (China), Samsung (Korea), and Toshiba (Japan). In Japan and Europe, they also have NEC (Japan) and Fujitsu (Japan). Not all of them are selling traditional desktops in western markets, though, which is unfortunate. As for western companies, the number of big manufacturers has really been cut down to a tiny number -- Dell and HP, basically.
    • There was a discussion a while ago, where Phil Schiller was attacked because he said that of the companies making PCs when the Macintosh project was started, none were selling PCs anymore except Apple. Sony was given as a counter-example (although Sony only sold to the Japanese market at the relevant time, and stopped selling PCs for a while in the 90's), but now they are exiting anyway.
    • Personally, I think there are only 2 brands left worth buying. If you run a business and want to buy a large batch of cheaper computers with good support, you go with Dell. If you are a developer or gamer and want to buy a top of the line laptop you go with ASUS. I am both and I am on my 3rd ASUS in 10 years from and I have been perfectly happy with all of them. So, there are still good manufactures and sellers out there.

    • Dell, who knows what is going on with that.

      Leveraged buyout, narrowly averted proxy fight, some shake up of C-level executives, and a workforce reduction of a few thousand.

      You're welcome.

  • From the summary:

    I wish more companies incorporated the swiveling camera that they came with

    Yeah, a swiveling camera would have been handy on Chatroulette. With fixed cameras embedded in the screen frame it's much harder to actually see the reactions from the other participants...

  • I do not agree with some of the comments here. I have found Sony laptops and desktops to be wanting in so many ways not the least of which is the repairability. It amazes me they could actually put that many screws into such tight spaces. The screws must double the weight of their machines or more. And the durability of their machines? Ridiculous. I can't say that I ever bought or used any of their "high end" machines, but the ones I have worked with had problems at all levels. And I hate the softwar

    • by jedidiah ( 1196 )

      I had good luck with my Sony laptops. However, that's been a long time. I tried the "laptop as desktop replacement" thing and entirely got over it long before it became a trendy thing in general.

      Perhaps they tried to be too much like Apple.

    • by mikael ( 484 )

      Well, at least having screws are better than having held together by glue, and the high-end models (PCG-GRT series) did have the hard disk drive on the edge of the laptop rather than some cage in the middle of the chassis.

      I know what you mean about all those screws. Replacing the screen or even the cooling assembly would require several ice trays to put every different component. The best way to describe how Sony must have designed a laptop was to start off with a gaming PC with a GTX Titan GPU and motherbo

  • Help kill beta! (Score:5, Informative)

    by unitron ( 5733 ) on Thursday February 06, 2014 @10:01AM (#46173047) Homepage Journal

    Join the Slashcott!

    February 10th - 17th

  • Fuck Beta (Score:5, Interesting)

    by portraitofsanity ( 870052 ) on Thursday February 06, 2014 @10:02AM (#46173071)
    Slashdot Overlords, You can continue posting new stories, but we will just keep complaining about the beta. Can you meet us halfway and actually create a story for us to dump hatred into so that we can go back to commenting on articles we haven't read? This isn't going to go away, and you might have realized this is not the most patient and incapable group. In a week this whole community can be destroyed or moved...
    • Can you meet us halfway and actually create a story for us to dump hatred into so that we can go back to commenting on articles we haven't read?

      Actually there is a story. The problem is that it's hidden in the Slashdot Blog [] which most of us do not even know to exist.

      Posted 3 days ago: Update on the March of Progress: How Slashdot's New Look Is Shaping Up [].

    • Indeed. The wave is moving very quickly. Dice may have already lost it, but if they try right now and address it, there still may be time to save Slashdot. I'd rather see Slashdot saved than move off it, but I'm not sticking around out of nostalgia.

      -- Common Joe

      Valentines Day Slashcott: Boycott Slashdot because "Fuck Beta!": February 10 - 17

      And Support Okian Warrior's [] alternate slashdot idea! A note from Okian can be found here: []. And be patien

  • by TheNastyInThePasty ( 2382648 ) on Thursday February 06, 2014 @10:06AM (#46173103)

    My advice to the peons working on Slashdot: find another job. The veracity with which this "upgrade" is being pushed displays a stubborness that can only be attributed to MBAs with no idea of what Slashdot is about. The fact that the commenting system is such an afterthought in the Beta is as much evidence as I need that the people pushing this redesign never use this site.

    I know you don't get to decide whether or not the Beta moves forward or which design gets used, but believe this: You WILL be blamed when it fails. You work for a corporation now and the higher ups with undoubtedly throw you under the bus when they have to explain to their bosses or shareholders why the website redesign failed. This failure is going to be associated with you and your teammates and it will set back any hopes you have of being promoted within the company. Take the advice of me and my fellow Slashdotters: Get out now.

  • by StripedCow ( 776465 ) on Thursday February 06, 2014 @10:07AM (#46173127)

    I was going to make an honest, on-topic comment.

    But... screw it.
    Fuck Beta!

  • by sl4shd0rk ( 755837 ) on Thursday February 06, 2014 @10:10AM (#46173151)

    It was a fitful night. Not much rest. The way the tragic events unfolded yesterday had left a type of brain trauma I've not quite experienced before. Whitespace.... gobs and gobs of it.. summaries taking up the entirety of my browser window..... the damn thing was relentless and sneaky; Sometimes redirecting to a familiar and sane UI, yet other times..... DEAR GOD MAKE IT STOP!!!!!...... *gaaack*... *AAaccck* *synack*... *thump*.

  • by Anonymous Coward

    It is now official. Netcraft has confirmed: Slashdot is dying.

    One more crippling bombshell hit the already beleaguered Slashdot community when IDC confirmed that Slashdot page views has dropped yet again, now down to less than a fraction of 1 percent of all websites. Coming on the heels of a recent Netcraft survey which plainly states that Slashdot has lost more market share, this news serves to reinforce what we've known all along. Slashdot is collapsing in complete disarra

  • I never understood the appeal of the Sony laptops. It seemed like they were trying to hit the Apple price point but with reliability that made the Apple laptops look like the greatest feat of engineering since the wheel. Add to that all the bloatware that Sony installed as standard and I really can't find an advantage.
    • This came very close to my own experience. Sadly. I wish I could find a premium PC manufacturer who simply cared about delivering the computer without any sort of installed software, not even the OS (because even there there could be tweaking)...

    • Add to that all the bloatware that Sony installed as standard and I really can't find an advantage.

      At work a secretary played a Celine Deon CD on her PC, infecting it with one of the Sony root-kits just as I was making purchasing decision. I'm sure you're shocked to learn I placed Sony in the 'Hell No!' list.

      Should the Sony Vaio division use their severance pay to hire hits on the Sony media division execs? They excluded Sony from consideration from a bit more than $100k of purchases I made...

    • by tlhIngan ( 30335 )

      I never understood the appeal of the Sony laptops. It seemed like they were trying to hit the Apple price point but with reliability that made the Apple laptops look like the greatest feat of engineering since the wheel. Add to that all the bloatware that Sony installed as standard and I really can't find an advantage.

      Well, they were trying to also "Apple-ify" the PC - actually putting in some really nice design and all that.

      They basically tried to target the high end PC market like Apple does - nicer cases

  • by Jody Bruchon ( 3404363 ) on Thursday February 06, 2014 @10:29AM (#46173325)
    As someone who has had to rip open and repair Sony VAIO desktops and laptops for a long time, I can say with authority that they're the WORST computer brand EVER when it comes to the repair business. Every computer has two different model numbers, there are a seemingly infinite number of minor incompatible variants, finding used parts is a ridiculous endeavor (because everything has to have multiple model and part numbers and almost no part seems to be drop-in compatible) and I don't care if I never see another one on my workbench ever again.

    Any full-sized laptop that requires you to remove the keyboard, all the top plastics, and heaps of fragile FPC cables just to get to the hard drive and memory is automatically ultra-shitty shit and the engineers responsible should be bear dick punched. [] Maybe the new owners will fix some of this mess. /rant
    • by Rinikusu ( 28164 )

      I've worked on my Sony TRxA series subnotebooks and I agree that they're rather frustrating. But they don't compare at all to the time I had to disassemble a 12" Powerbook G4 to replace the harddrive. I wish all laptops were as easy to work on as my Thinkpads, but we can't have everything in life.. :(

    • by Mitreya ( 579078 )

      I can say with authority that they're the WORST computer brand EVER when it comes to the repair business.

      That may very much be, but I can say that Sony VAIO laptops (Z series) were the only viable competition to macbook air that I was able to find. Most of the PC laptops insist on using low-resolution displays (good luck finding 1600x900 display!) and are heavy. Granted, this was 2 years ago, but I do not think market has improved much.

    • Not to mention the tiny, thin screws that had a tendency to break off at the head and/or strip if you so much as look at them wrong- and which, of course, required a (smaller) different screwdriver head to take out, assuming you were successful. And the special ACPI devices which are unintuitive to get drivers for when you've got to do a reload. Whoever designed those all-in-ones with no access to the internals needs a severe talking too.
      • Ah yes, the ACPI device SNY5001. Sony Firmware Extension Parser. I totally would think of that when I see "Unknown Device" and "ACPI\SNY5001". Thanks, Sony!
  • I sincerely hope that BETA dies a quicker and more painful death than Sony's BETAMAX.
  • by gallondr00nk ( 868673 ) on Thursday February 06, 2014 @10:40AM (#46173461)
    Looks absolutely dreadful on a Sony Vaio.
  • by hendrips ( 2722525 ) on Thursday February 06, 2014 @10:50AM (#46173567)

    Dear Slashdot,

    I'm fairly sure that I know what you're trying to do with Beta crap. You're trying to lure in a younger, more hip readership that's less technical but brings in more revenue. In other words, this "Web 2.0" redesign is trying to attract people exactly like me. I'm young, male, middle-class, and (possibly) looking for a new job, which I suspect is exactly the demographic you're aiming the Beta at. I'm also less technically inclined - I'm an actuary, not a programmer or an IT guy. As you can see from my posting history, I've only been here a short time, although I read and posted anonymously for a while at first.

    But I hate Slashdot Beta every bit as much as the old fogies who are complaining above me. I don't come to Slashdot for flamebait articles or glitzy graphics, I come here because I want to learn about and discuss technical topics that I don't encounter in my day-to-day work. I read the discussions here so that I can understand the technical stuff that my office's IT lady tells me, and so that I can better understand the technology that I interact with. I comment in discussions here because I want to avoid the teenage, brain dead, narcissistic, color vomiting "new new internet" bullshit twittering that's infecting discourse on the rest of the internet.

    I've just started participating in the Slashdot community. I'm pretty sure that I'm the exact demographic you want to attract. You had such a good opportunity to reel me in permanently. Yet you've utterly failed with Slashdot Beta. I've already abandoned a fair number of web communities after they gutted their discussion system or went too far with the Web 2.0 nonsense. Likewise, I'll regretfully, but quickly, abandon Slashdot if I'm forced into this Beta bullshit against my will and against the obvious will of the community here.

    hendrips, a representative member of your target audience

  • "JIP"... How appropriate.

  • This just in... (Score:2, Insightful)

    by Anonymous Coward

    beta.slashdot is so bad that Sony had to sell its computer business.

  • by OrugTor ( 1114089 ) <> on Thursday February 06, 2014 @11:53AM (#46174281)
    My Vaio is 10+ years old and never a problem. Granted, it's an outlier especially wrt the hard drive but still...
  • Weren't Dell computers a JIP?

    So now Sony Viaos will be JIP's?

    I had always thought they were good computers.
  • by jones_supa ( 887896 ) on Thursday February 06, 2014 @12:19PM (#46174641)
    When they saw the new Slashdot Beta site at Sony engineering, they concluded that it's not worth to make computers anymore.
  • Sony has no business making computers. Or at least, they have no business doing anything beyond designing hardware. The one time I got to play with a Vaio was when a manager asked me to 'set up' their brand new machine for them.

    Long story short: The Vaio isn't a laptop. It's a marketing machine for selling other Sony products. Everywhere you turn, Sony was trying to sell you additional products, movies, music. There was so much crapware on that machine that it ran embarrassingly poorly, and the only o

  • Somehow I bet the investment fund will do better job building laptops than Dice keeping Slashdot alive. FUCK BETA!

  • by vikingpower ( 768921 ) on Thursday February 06, 2014 @01:52PM (#46175727) Homepage Journal
    ...of another great line of hardware ( albeit expensive ). What a shame.
  • by atari2600a ( 1892574 ) on Thursday February 06, 2014 @04:21PM (#46177599)
    They were EXPENSIVE. The customer base they were targeting is the one that's walking right past the Sony store in the mall & right into the Apple store. They never even looked right either. Always long in one dimension, usually width. Fujitsu had the better line of pocket-sized laptops hands-down, & I'm pretty sure I've never serviced nor maintained VAIO back to life.
  • Sounds too much like gyp.

    That said I am in the apparent minority that will not mourn for VAIO.

    I found them to be totally polar devices, either loved or hated by their users; there was no middle ground.

  • by Chas ( 5144 ) on Thursday February 06, 2014 @04:31PM (#46177781) Homepage Journal

    Less crap computers to deal with.

    Sure, the things always looked sexy.
    But they'd break if you looked at them funny.
    That and all the attempts to inject stupid, Sony-proprietary connectors on everything...

    I won't miss VAIO at all.

  • What's so horrible about the Beta interface? It seems to work. I read my comments. I posted this reply. Functionality achieved.

    I don't ask much of a forum.

  • This is a rallying cry for all old school trolls to report back to duty. GNFOS you need to spam, "Use beta? You're a GNFOS" and Turd report, you need to give us a daily detailed report on how your turds look better than the beta.

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