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ARM Researching Novel Chip Memory 88

An anonymous reader writes "ARM may be best known as processor designer but the company is now working on a non-volatile memory that could scale down to 5nm, according to an Electronics 360 report. The memory is something different called Correlated-electron RAM that was originally developed by a professor at University of Colorado. ARM is joining a research collaboration to try and make the memory an option at ARM-friendly foundries."
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ARM Researching Novel Chip Memory

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  • Re: I love ARM (Score:3, Informative)

    by Anonymous Coward on Sunday February 02, 2014 @07:31AM (#46133105)

    The Intel equivalents are roughly equal in terms of performance but are relatively expensive to buy for manufacturers. The base of Android would have to be recompiled for x86 (relatively easy) but there are some Android games/apps that are made Arm specific for performance gains and wouldn't run without development on other platforms.

    Its just a more costly less compatible alternative, if Intel want to make any gains they would need to demonstrate real performance benefits than just performance parity. I did hear they intended to start producing Arm based chips to get a foothold which would be a smart start but unlikely given pride.

  • Re: I love ARM (Score:0, Informative)

    by Anonymous Coward on Sunday February 02, 2014 @08:26AM (#46133231)

    The reason about ARM specific is developers using specific ARM code that it's expensive for Intel to translate. If the developers port the code (mainly related to graphics) the performance would be similar. This is not an ARM performance advantage, but simply a coding issue.

    Intel had licenses to build ARM processors and did build them long ago (see xscale), they would build for non competing business in foundry. But honestly, having a full (huge) team developing architecture, what would be the advantage of building ARM, if it's not competing more closely with qualcomm.

    i don't see the advantage, but since many /.ers are fanboys (and slashdot is proud advertiser) of ARM, I guess anyone claiming what you're talking about makes no sense os going to be marked as troll.

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