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30 Minutes Inside Valve's Prototype Virtual Reality Headset 59

muterobert writes "Owlchemy Labs, the developers behind the excellent Oculus Rift ready game, Aaaaaaaculus!, share their impressions of their time at Steam Dev Days and detail their experiences using Valve's secretive virtual reality HMD prototype. An excerpt: 'I was told to walk off of the cube and it was physically difficult to step forward into the space where there was no solid footing, even though I knew that there would be a solid floor with a rug right there for me. It's amazing how the mind can trick you.'"
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30 Minutes Inside Valve's Prototype Virtual Reality Headset

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  • Good, looks good (Score:5, Insightful)

    by i kan reed ( 749298 ) on Thursday January 30, 2014 @12:46PM (#46111321) Homepage Journal

    I got a rift dev kit, and this sounds like a good leap forward on its design. Hopefully the consumer rift and this are both compatible with some sort of core software principals. The last thing the emergent VR economy needs is splintering.

  • Re:Hmm.. (Score:2, Insightful)

    by TheLink ( 130905 ) on Thursday January 30, 2014 @01:44PM (#46111957) Journal

    Someone should also come out with an app/UI that allowed people to have as many and as large virtual displays as they want, and manage them easily (gestures or hotkeys or whatever).

    Then you won't need multiple large physical monitors.

    Future versions might have cameras or special optics so that you can do augmented reality or just fade in and out of full virtual reality.

    Maybe Microsoft will get off their "Metro" butts and do something about it. Same goes for GNOME, KDE etc.

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