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ChipSiP Smart Glass Specs Better Than Google Glass? 129

First time accepted submitter SugarManner writes "Google Glass is in for a fight even before they hit the market. The Taiwanese company Chipsip has just released plans for a competing product that beats Google Glass on all specifications. (Seen on the Swedish Elektronik Tidningen — warning: written in Swedish) Nine sensors on the Taiwanese product 'Smart Glass' can detect speed, altitude, temperature, light and position. It has built-in GPS, Bluetooth 4.0 and a microphone. The processor is based on Rock Chips Cortex A9 system RK3168 running at 1.5 GHz. While Google Glass supports 802.11g communication, Chipsip Smart Glass supports 802.11n. The camera and screen resolution also top Google Glass by a notch, and with stereo sound on the Smart Glass compared to Google's mono sound, it seems that the Taiwanese company has hit all the right spots to make Google goggle. Or not. Google Glass is still in Beta, so specs on the final product may change."
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ChipSiP Smart Glass Specs Better Than Google Glass?

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  • by rk ( 6314 ) on Saturday January 25, 2014 @09:01PM (#46069775) Journal

    Demo at CES != "product". There's no link where I can actually buy it or even get a price in either link. this video seems to suggest 2nd half 2014, but I haven't heard an MSRP yet. I would love to investigate HUD computers like this without coming up with $1,500 and a reason sufficiently hip to satisfy some Google engineers.

  • by Anonymous Coward on Sunday January 26, 2014 @04:09AM (#46071423)

    Contrary to what slashdot would have you believe, Google Glass is not the only see through HMD and never has been. For example, Epson is now taking pre-orders for their SECOND generation Movario BT-200. It has binocular display, gyro sensors, front facing camera, runs android, has prescription inserts, and is half the price of glass. It even won an award at CES this year - I even tried them on (very cool). Link:

    There's also a small Italian company and a french company that also produce the damn things! And I'm sure I'm forgetting several others. I might be able to dig up the links if I try.

    There are several direct competitors - just because /. is in Google's pocket, doesn't mean competitors don't exist!

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