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Video CES 2014: Formlabs 3-D Printing Redux, With New Software (Video) 14

Slashdot visited the Formlabs CES display in 2013. Tim looked at their Stereolithgraphy 3-D printer again this year. The company is now boasting about their PreForm 1.0 software, and not as much about their hardware, which was their main focus last year. Another important difference was that at CES 2013 they couldn't talk about sales because they hadn't sold any units yet, but now they claim they've sold over 1000. And the last major problem they faced was a patent infringement suit, which seems to be settled (or nearly so). According to this Oct. 2013 article, it's doubtful that Formlabs would have been able to raise $2.95 million through Kickstarter, followed by another $19 million from traditional venture capitalists, if the lawsuit wasn't close to settlement -- which may not matter much in the long run, since many key patents in the field have either expired or are due to expire between now and 2015.
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CES 2014: Formlabs 3-D Printing Redux, With New Software (Video)

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  • by mlts ( 1038732 ) on Wednesday January 22, 2014 @04:44PM (#46039245)

    Yes, what they have has finer tolerances than the typical Makerbot [1], but I wonder if the existing 3D printers are "good enough" for buyers, similar to the fact that inkjet printers outsell PostScript network printers by a wide margin, since most inkjets are "good enough".

    Now, if Formlabs can get sintered metals like Iconel variants working in an inexpensive, reliable product, that would be very useful news because their main competition would be a Mitsubishi unit that goes well in excess of $600,000.

    [1]: I assume Makerbots are the best price/performance for general amateur use outside of a machine shop.

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