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HP To Package Leap Motion Sensor Into — Not Just With — Some Devices 54

cylonlover writes "It hasn't even been released yet but the Leap Motion could already be considered something of a success – at least with PC manufacturers. Following in the footsteps of Asus, who announced in January that it would bundle the 3D motion controller with some of its PCs, the world's biggest PC manufacturer has joined the gesture control party. But HP has gone one step further, promising to build the Leap Motion technology into some future HP devices." (See this video for scenes of users scrabbling with their hands in empty air, and get ready for more of it.)
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HP To Package Leap Motion Sensor Into — Not Just With — Some Devices

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  • Tactile feedback (Score:5, Insightful)

    by PSVMOrnot ( 885854 ) on Thursday April 18, 2013 @10:50AM (#43482657)

    People keep coming up with these nice shiny user interface devices, but they always seem to forget how important tactile feedback is.

    Sure I can type on a touchscreen keyboard, but it takes twice as long, because I have to actually look at the screen and check that a) it has noticed I am typing, and b) it has correctly recognised what I had intended to type. With a proper physical keyboard I can pick up such information purely by proprioception, audio and tactile feedback.

    The same sort of issue applies with any sort of hand waving interface: there is a much greater potential for the computer getting it wrong, and it takes longer to recognise & fix it when it occurs.

    Untill these things can be made as reliable as a physical push button I think people should be a lot more careful where and what they use them for.

  • by Zero__Kelvin ( 151819 ) on Thursday April 18, 2013 @12:38PM (#43483835) Homepage

    "Windows 8 doesn't seem so silly now."

    Rest assured. It continues to be just as silly.

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