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Adafruit Launches Educational Show Aimed At Kids 44

anavictoriasaavedra writes "Adafruit Industries just posted the first episode in a new educational series aimed at teaching kids about electronics. The episode is entitled 'A is for Ampere' and teaches the basic theory behind electrical current. The subject seems like a common one for A-to-Z themed electrical tutorials. And yes, that's Collin Cunnigham as André-Marie Ampère."
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Adafruit Launches Educational Show Aimed At Kids

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  • by pikine ( 771084 ) on Wednesday April 03, 2013 @08:27AM (#43346487) Journal

    I wish she hadn't said that only grown ups are allowed to touch the circuit breaker box. For most part the circuit breakers are designed to be remarkably safe. Only don't use a hammer to pound on them or try to insert blades or paper clips into the gap lines. Maybe a word of caution is that if the circuit breaker has dangling wires, or if it shows signs of poor construction or tampering, then even grown ups probably shouldn't mess with it. All of that could take just a few more seconds to explain.

    I am of the opinion that if you keep teaching children like they were children, they would never grow up. You have to teach them like adults. Of course some people would disagree and say that in order to communicate effectively, you must target an age group. I would say take the element that makes communicating to that age group effective, and use it to improve communication to other age groups also. In the end, the most effective communication methods to all age groups converge into one, and target audience age group becomes a non-issue.

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