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Google Super Sync Sports Turns Your Phone Into A Gamepad 36

Deathspawner writes "Using a mobile device to control an application on a PC, media player or video game console, isn't too uncommon, but it is when the content being controlled is a game. Just how possible would it be to play a fairly fast-paced game on your PC via your mobile device? Google wanted to find out, so it crafted a game called Super Sync Sports, where you control an athlete on your desktop or notebook via controls on your phone or tablet. To make a game like this possible, Google turned to WebSockets for real-time collaboration between two devices, HTML5 for the audio, Canvas for the graphics, and CSS3 for the styling and transitions." It appears that it routes your controls through the Internet rather than locally. Something like this over bluetooth or wifi with a shared touch screen might be cool for electronic board games.
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Google Super Sync Sports Turns Your Phone Into A Gamepad

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  • WebRTC (Score:5, Informative)

    by Anonymous Coward on Thursday February 28, 2013 @06:18PM (#43039931)

    This is about browser-browser communication, using your android as a bluetooth gamepad/mouse/remote is old news, there are a million apps to do just that.

    WebRTC could let the two browsers talk through the local wifi, instead of having to bounce off the 'net.

  • Great. So I can use my phone as a third-rate shitty gamepad that's going to misfire, register phantom touches, ignore deliberate ones, kill me 7 times before I make it to level 2, and lag by at least 50-100ms under the most ideal circumstances possible.

    Now, if someone makes a case for the Galaxy S3 that works with an extended battery & gives it a nice slide-out gamepad that's at least as good as the one on a GBA, or a clamp that lets me attach my S3 to a PS3 or 360 controller (with extended battery and

    • I have an Xperia play, and while the analog controls are total shit, I do think it would make a nifty game controller in a miniature Wii U kind of way. Which brings me to a question, why has nobody popped an accelerometer into a game controller in addition to all the normal stuff? Or has someone, and I just didn't notice? I owned one of those Microsoft Sidewinder 3D Sharkjumper controllers that gave you analog via an accelerometer, which was a horrible thing to try to play a game with. You could play a raci

  • by Anonymous Coward

    I don't always use a controller, but when I do, I use a piece of flat glass.

  • []

    BT Controller for Android, basically lets you set up a gamepad on your phone(you create or download the layout) by syncing two android based and bluetooth capable devices.

    Not affiliated with it, though I have used it.

    • by ceoyoyo ( 59147 )

      A bunch of iOS games also do this, and there's a general purpose gamepad app as well I believe.

      This isn't new. The other iOS and Android implementations don't require going through the web back to Google either.

  • so to use a phone in my hands less than 2 foot away from my pc I now have to send that signal around the globe using the intertubes?

    Rube Goldberg would cry if he saw todays world

  • Playing instruments on iPad or iPhone that are being recorded as MIDI data on a Mac works great. Music has the same need for low latency as gaming controls. The only downside is you generally have to create an ad-hoc network between the devices so that you're not also running Internet over there or whatever other traffic may be on your proper Wi-Fi network.

    Also iPads and iPhones running GarageBand can connect via Bluetooth so that you can play instruments on one and record on the other.

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