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Google Super Sync Sports Turns Your Phone Into A Gamepad 36

Deathspawner writes "Using a mobile device to control an application on a PC, media player or video game console, isn't too uncommon, but it is when the content being controlled is a game. Just how possible would it be to play a fairly fast-paced game on your PC via your mobile device? Google wanted to find out, so it crafted a game called Super Sync Sports, where you control an athlete on your desktop or notebook via controls on your phone or tablet. To make a game like this possible, Google turned to WebSockets for real-time collaboration between two devices, HTML5 for the audio, Canvas for the graphics, and CSS3 for the styling and transitions." It appears that it routes your controls through the Internet rather than locally. Something like this over bluetooth or wifi with a shared touch screen might be cool for electronic board games.
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Google Super Sync Sports Turns Your Phone Into A Gamepad

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  • WebRTC (Score:5, Informative)

    by Anonymous Coward on Thursday February 28, 2013 @06:18PM (#43039931)

    This is about browser-browser communication, using your android as a bluetooth gamepad/mouse/remote is old news, there are a million apps to do just that.

    WebRTC could let the two browsers talk through the local wifi, instead of having to bounce off the 'net.

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